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Originally Posted by Zandry View Post
Ok, I just realized, by switching to Windows 7 theme, it switches the lobby to a completely different font. If you have XP or if you switch your theme in Windows 7 to "Windows Classic" then it will work. I use the Windows classic theme myself so that's why I didn't realize. I guess I'm gonna have to start working again tomorrow on another new OCR......

If you need to use it tonight, do this: Right click Desktop > Personalize > Windows Classic. Make sure you restart the lobby afterwards.
Ah that must be it. I'm using Windows 7 and not on classic. I know I just registered and am talking about an issue but I want to mention I've been using your program since like..2009 or 2010 (on FTP before I started playing RUSH) and thanks a bunch, it's really an awesome program.
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